Pacini v. Bank of America

The law firm of Salehi & Associates currently represents Bank of America customers nationwide, who have experienced unauthorized charges to their bank accounts for SmartStep (or Smart Step) Insurance, also known as Level AD insurance. These are accidental death insurance products, marketed to Bank of America customers through telemarketers, and serviced by Intersections Insurance Services, Inc. We understand this product is marketed to customers holding checking, credit card and residential mortgage accounts with Bank of America.

Customers are typically charged $20 dollars a month for the Smart-Step accidental death insurance product. However, these charges are automatically debited (or taken) from the customer’s checking account or charged to the customer’s credit card or residential mortgage bill. Many customers do not understand they are being charged and do not notice the charges until they have been automatically debited or charged for several months in a row. Some of our clients also have experienced difficulty canceling this insurance, and stopping the charges to their accounts. If you have also noticed unauthorized charges for Smart-Step or Level AD Insurance on your bank statements or credit card bills, please contact us at or 310-430-0900

In addition, if you have lost a loved one and submitted a claim for SmartStep or Level AD, only to have it denied, please contact us today at or 310-430-0900.