Traumatic brain injuries are frustrating and often difficult to understand. Two people who receive what appears to be exactly the same type of closed head injury can have two significantly different reactions to that injury. While one may be left almost unable to function, the other may only suffer slight memory loss or headaches.

While the inner workings of the brain continue to be a mystery even to medical professionals, if you have suffered any type of head injury which has resulted in brain damage, the extent of your damages doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have an injury that is affecting your life, and for that you are entitled to just compensation.

Head Injury

A closed head injury, also sometimes referred to as a traumatic brain injury, is a severe injury or blow to the head which, although it causes no skull fracture, results in severe and/or permanent damage to the brain.

Unlike a typical “physical” injury which results in outward manifestations of the suffered injury (like a broken bone), when the brain is bruised due to physical force the injury is frequently understated, and can often go undetected by medical professionals who are untrained in spotting and diagnosing subtle injuries related to brain trauma. Even in cases involving moderate force impact blows to the head, blood vessels in the brain can break and cause bleeding around the brain, swelling of the brain can occur resulting in pressure against the inside of the skull, or the brain can be deprived of oxygen, which can consequentially result in permanent cognitive impairment and injury. Such injuries often include:

1. Partial or Complete Paralysis;
2. Loss of voluntary motor functions;
3. A decrease in reasoning and comprehension abilities;
4. Memory loss;
5. Sensory impairment or loss such as sight, speech or hearing.

Given the highly technical science and the dynamic nature of advances in the neurological field, the attorney who handles your case should have extensive experience in this particularized practice.

Here at Salehi & Associates, our head injury lawyers have the legal expertise and medical knowledge in this specialized area of law to ensure that anyone who has negligently caused injury to you or your loved one will be held to account for their actions. Having served Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County since 1999, our head injury lawyers have been able to establish relationships with the most skilled neurologists and other brain specialists available who can help pinpoint how the injury occurred, what type of therapy has the best chance of facilitating recovery, and what level of damages represents adequate compensation for your injury.

Because the outcomes of these cases often turn on the testimony of medical experts at trial, you can be assured that Salehi & Associates has the resources to fairly and honestly evaluate the merits and value of your claim.

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